Friday, August 31, 2012

A Backyard Sanctuary is One Key to Success

A Backyard Sanctuary is One Key to Success

Bckyard Patio Table
A backyard can be inviting and relaxing with a conversation area that is simple to create. A few chairs pulled close together beside a small table can be special.  An outdoor eating area always makes a property more inviting. A clean fresh tablecloth, some flowers in a vase and doesn’t it just say “home” to you?

The kids play area should be organized and neat. Sporting equipment in baskets give the invitation of “let’s play ball”  and the feeling that there is plenty of room for it.  But swing sets that are rusty and sagging should be removed or repaired and painted.

Fire pits and outdoor hearths are popular because they appeal to emotional sense of sitting around a fire enjoying the company of family and friends.
Many homeowners who have added a backyard fireplace have noticed the "wow” factor when entertaining in this way. The backyard fireplace extends and enhances the appeal of your interior home and brings it to the outside setting. If you have ever been lucky enough to have enjoyed a campfire at night, you know what I mean.

To prepare you home for sale, check the backyard deck and fence. Replace loose boards, and apply a fresh coat of pain or sealant if necessary.

A fountain does not need to be elaborate or large, or expensive. The soothing sounds of bubbling water can be very soothing. Taking care to weed your garden, and adding some colorful plants will attract the eye and hold it there. This will promote added interest. If your budget allows, a stager can add a few special elements.

These are a few of the smart things you can do. You will realize a great return for this small investment of time and effort. Your backyard will stand out from the others and beckon new owners.

If you need assistance locating the backyard of your choice in the Inland Empire, CA, please contact me and we will find your oasis.